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The Project’s objectives are premised within the principles and targets of the Kenya’s Vision 2030 and Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). These objectives are aligned to Goal 1 - Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, 3 - Promote gender equality and empower women and 7 - Ensure environmental sustainability. Towards Vision 2030, the Project’s interventions contribute to the three pillars namely Economic, Social and Political.

Under Community-Driven Development component, Communities (Sub-locations) cumulatively reached as at 30th June 2015 were 631 against the revised target of 631 translating to 100% coverage. Out of the 631 communities, 51 communities were reached in 2014/15 financial year in Siaya and Busia sub-counties.

By the end of June 2015, grants were disbursed to the 631 target communities for the implementation of 1,997 micro-projects in the 10 sub-counties. 138 target communities received grants for implementing youth micro-projects. Malaria intervention activities were implemented by 414 communities out of the 425 targeted after receiving grants.

The number of SLD projects commenced in the Project reached 219 by the end of the financial year. 108 projects were for value addition on livelihood activities while 111 were for provision infrastructure services or public goods. Cumulatively 106 projects were completed and operational while 67 were still under construction. Under Flood Mitigation component, key achievements under catchment management output included funding of 893 NRM groups with grants for Natural Resource Management activities in the 10 sub-counties, by the end of the last financial year.

The project also reached, under collaboration with WARMA, 71 WRUAs of which were given grants  for catchment management projects.


The Project covers the ten (10) Sub Counties of Western Kenya Region (former larger districts) that include Mt. Elgon, Teso, Lugari, Bungoma, Butere/Mumias, Vihiga, Kakamega, Busia, Siaya, Bondo. These Sub Counties are contained within five (5) Counties namely:  Bungoma, Busia, Kakamega, Siaya and Vihiga.






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